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Uniden Booster Kits Ensure Cellular Connections

New booster kits keep systems integrators and their clientele well connected

Cellular booster kits designed for cars, RVs, boats, and system integrators are coming to market from Uniden® Cellular by Siyata. The booster kits are simple to install and configure, and enable strong cellular service while in areas with spotty reception.

Uniden In-Vehicle Cellular Boosters pick up and amplify cellular signals as users move between cellular towers, making dropped and muddy calls and finicky Internet connectivity concerns of the past. Consumers get priceless peace that they can always reach someone when necessary and systems integrators reap the business benefits of remaining closely connected with clients and colleagues at all times.

By maintaining consistent strength and coverage of cellular signals, the In-Vehicle Kits help extend the battery life of cell phones and minimize the amount of radiation they emit. Another perk: The USB charging port on select models keeps a cell phone powered and charged, which frees up a vehicle’s integrated USB ports for other devices.

“Everyone deserves a great cellular signal to enjoy all the benefits of a cellular device— whether they need it for safety and security on a job site, to communicate with loved ones and co-workers, or for streaming entertainment content as they travel to a vacation home in the mountains,” says Ari Schachter, COO of Siyata. “We’re excited to increasingly work with integrators in the custom home technology channel, as well as those who do resimercial and light commercial work. The breadth of our product line means there is a solution for both a single car with one cellular customer or an entire fleet of installation service vans.”

Highly versatile, Uniden’s range of In-Vehicle Cellular Boosters are compatible with all major 3G, 4G/LTE networks and are 5G ready. They boost signals that employ 700MHz, 850MHz, 1900MHz, and 1700/2100MHz frequencies and work with all major carriers.  Everything systems integrators need for quick and easy installation is included in the kit: the cellular signal booster, a donor antenna, a server antenna, and cables. All cellular boosters are equipped with smart software that increases or decreases the power of the booster depending on the strength of the cellular signal.

Several different models are available: The Uniden® Link Cradle Style Cellular Signal Booster ($197 MSRP) has 23 dB of gain which enables an increase of up to 3 bars of signal. It is a single-user device that either attaches via a suction cup to a vehicle’s window or rests unattached in a handy spot elsewhere. An integrated cradle employs a strong magnet to hold a cell phone in place.

Supporting a range of donor antennas, the Uniden® UM50 Cellular Signal Booster Base Kit ($397 MSRP) can be customized to the application; for example, utilizing a larger donor antenna in remote or mountainous geographic locations. Integrators and consumers have a choice of several different donor antennas, can achieve a 50 dB gain, and wirelessly connected as many as 20 devices.

Designed to connect directly to any cellular device that has an external antenna, such as a cellular modem, and is located either inside a vehicle or building is the Uniden® UM2M ($377 MSRP). This model achieves a maximum gain of 30 dB and accommodates a wide range of antennas

Integrators who choose to engage with Uniden® cellular as dealer partners enjoy aggressive margins on the latest in cellular booster technology products; are able to offer a brand name that customers know and trust; and enjoy a dedicated sales/technical support team along with robust educational and marketing materials. They also have access to the right cellular booster solutions to make their clients happy, which means repeat business and referrals.

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