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TROVA Go and TROVA Go+ Review

Keeping your private items safe with Bluetooth security

Verdict: This portable personal vault keeps your small items discreetly out of sight and safe from prying eyes and fingers.


•Discreet design
•Sturdy metal construction
•Biometric access option
•Fits in purses, pockets


•Initial connection can be difficult
•Not waterproof
•Optional leather sleeve is incredibly tight, hard to remove TROVA Go until broken in


Keeping your personal, valuable and even recreational objects away from nosey, unwanted or inappropriate audiences can be a hassle, but the TROVA Go offers a safe, secure place to keep small items where only you can access them.

We had a chance to test out the TROVA Go over the past few months, taking it with us on trips, the gym and along for daily errands, and the personal lockbox does embody the word used frequently by TROVA – ‘discreet’. TROVA Go is supposed to blend into your everyday lifestyle, and the simple, aluminum alloy case design provided a strong, secure location to keep our valuables without screaming, “Look at me! I have cool stuff inside!”

The TROVA Go – inside view

During our tests, we never worried about it at the gym or ever once had anyone question what the TROVA Go was when we set it on the table at a restaurant. The unit looks like a backup battery pack, or large, sturdy glasses case at first glance – items easily overlooked by inappropriate audiences, and that’s exactly what you want.

The Bluetooth enabled device fits easily into regular jean pockets – skinny jeans might be a stretch – in purses, backpacks and gym bags. Portable privacy is the name of the game here, and we liked that the TROVA Go also helped keep our stored items organized into one place instead of having to dig through multiple pockets.


To open the case, you have to connect the TROVA Go through the app, where you have the option to use your phone’s native biometric scanning features (thumb, retina scan or pin code) or set a PIN number. We had to try multiple times to get our Samsung S8 Bluetooth to recognize the TROVA Go, but once it finally connected, the rest of the device setup was a snap. The TROVA app only allows paired devices to communicate, so you don’t have to worry about anyone accessing your TROVA Go by other digital means. Unfortunately, this does mean that you have to have the paired smartphone on-hand to open your TROVA Go, so don’t lose that phone!

There’s enough room inside the TROVA Go for items such as credit cards, cash, vape pen, medications, rings and other smaller jewelry. A multi-function storage strap with magnetic ring clip is attached to the lid, giving you additional storage and organization options. If you overpack the Go, you’ll have a harder time opening it, and during our tests this was solved by gently pushing down while unlocking to give the mechanism enough room to move.


If you need more room while wanting to stay portable, the new TROVA GO+ gives you 60% more capacity for daily storage of your private rituals and objects like watches and larger rings. It is the same length and width as the Go, but is 30% deeper. The Go+ is only available in charcoal color, and is not as pocket-friendly as the slimmer Go model, so we recommend stowing it in your bag or purse when on the move. Fortunately, it is constructed from the same lightweight, sturdy material, so it doesn’t feel like you are carrying a brick around.

The Go isn’t airtight, waterproof or very water resistant, so while it can deal with a little rain if you’re carrying it in your hand, it isn’t meant to be submerged and doesn’t keep overly fragrant items from sharing it’s smell. We’re hoping features like these will be added to future versions of the TROVA Go.

Because the Go is focused on your privacy, the app will send alerts if you leave the lid open too long (which you can adjust in the app for how long it can be open before alerting you), or a disconnection alert that shows on your phone screen when your app and TROVA disconnect from being out of range – very useful if you are prone to leaving things behind.

The TROVA Go comes in four color choices, sandstone, fog, charcoal and olive, and you can purchase an optional leather sleeve to keep your TROVA Go in to help protect its sleek surface from scratches and help keep it safe. We did find that it can be incredibly difficult to remove the Go from the sleeve until the leather is broken in. Our solution? Keeping a small rectangle of gripping shelf liner we purchased from the local dollar store in our wallet made it so much easier to grip the Go and pull it out. After continuous use, the sleeve has enough give in it now to remove easily.

The TROVA Home

For non-portable storage, TROVA makes a larger, secure storage device, named TROVA Home, that has more storage options and capacity to stash away larger items while looking like a discreet piece of artwork. It has the same wireless connectivity and is perfect for bedrooms, or other locations that need secure storage. Currently, TROVA Go, Go+ and Home are only available for purchase on, but the company has plans to expand its distribution in the future.

We like the TROVA Go for its sturdy construction, portability and Bluetooth enabled security. While the Go doesn’t let you keep everything you own in it, it is great for keeping small valuable personal items private and secure in your daily life, and we found it brought peace of mind, especially when around little ones or in public places where prying fingers and eyes were not welcome. The TROVA Go does what it says it will, providing discreet portable biometric storage while maintaining your privacy, and we have to say, it does it extremely well.

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