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10 Hot Consumer Electronic Holiday Gifts For 2021

Celebrate Christmas in July with the latest and greatest tech, including new speakers, controllers, drones, and more!

Everyone’s in need of a little extra cheer this year, so why not gift friends and family some new electronics? Celebrate Christmas in July with the latest and greatest tech, including new speakers, controllers, drones, and more!

With so many gadgets to choose from, shoppers are bound to find something to suit their budget and their friends’ or loved ones’ wish lists ahead of the holiday rush.


1. Trova Home
Homeowners who need an inconspicuous place to hide their valuables will love Trova Home. This discreet smart home safe brings beauty and utility to any interior space. Bolt to any surface and use the tap to open functionality to gain instant access. At $550, this safe doesn’t come cheap, but it’s top of the line for those who love utilitarian design. See our review of the portable TROVA Go here.

Beosound Emerge

2. Beosound Emerge Smart Speaker
This unusual little speaker is one of the sleekest and most unobtrusive on the market. Its timeless design makes it a perfect addition to any home. Plus, it comes with Google Assistant support, which allows for voice control and easy smart home integration. Tailor the tone via the app or by using touch controls on the top of the speaker. The $900 price tag might be a little expensive for some consumers, but those who enjoy a little luxury probably won’t mind the cost.

Ampere Shower Power

3. Ampere Shower Power
Consumers are becoming increasingly attached to their phones, with some even taking theirs into the shower. However, if a user’s main intent is to rinse off to their favorite tunes, the Ampere Shower Power speaker is the ultimate solution. This $100 speaker generates 100% of its power from water, so users can listen to their favorite podcasts, music, or audiobooks without ever having to recharge it.

Apple Watch Series 6

4. Apple Watch Series 6
Depending on which style consumers prefer, a Series 6 Apple Watch can cost about $330 to $900. This newest model features a revolutionary sensor and app that measures blood oxygen levels and allows users to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) reading at any moment. Measure sleep, track fitness levels, and enjoy an always-on retina display that shines bright, even in direct sunlight.


5. DJI FPV Drone
Drones are becoming more popular in the United States Armed Forces and industries like construction, real estate, and agriculture. Now, the public is getting its hands on consumer drones that rely on high-quality FPV technology. Users of any skill level will enjoy the DJI FPV Drone, which was designed for the drone racing industry. Enjoy low-latency return rates, stunning HD resolution, and additional gear like goggles and a remote control for just under $1,300.

Playstation 5 VR Controllers (Image credit: Sony)

6. PS5 VR Controller
The next generation of PS5 controllers is here, and it’s bringing virtual reality to consumers’ living rooms. For about $500, users can enjoy adaptive trigger technology, haptic feedback, and inside-out tracking. Dev kits for the headset will likely follow the controller’s release in 2022.

PS5 (left) and Xbox Series X (image credit Tom’s Guide)

7. Xbox Series X or Playstation 5
The PS5 vs Xbox Series X battle is a fierce one, and it’s fair to say that we’re impressed with both systems. Both new consoles can deliver up to 8K resolutions, high frame rates, powerful processors and speedy SSDs. But no matter which system you choose, as is always the case, the “best” console is the one that supports the games you want to play. Our advice? You’ll want to get a system sooner than later this holiday season, thanks to shipping delays and chip shortages making it harder every day to find one at your favorite vendor.

MyQ Pet Portal

8. MyQ Pet Portal
Smart home technology just keeps getting smarter, and this pet door is no exception. The system features a Bluetooth collar that works in concert with a Pet Portal door and app. This way, owners can relax while their furry friends let themselves out to do their business. Prices start at $3,000 (with financing options), but don’t think you’re paying just for a regular flimsy pet door. Pet Portal comes with a beautiful, secure full-sized 6’8″ door with the MyQ Pet Portal built-in and consumers can choose from a variety of materials and door types to match their home’s style.

Philips SmartSleep Therapy Lamp

9. Philips SmartSleep Therapy Lamp
Waking up with the sun improves sleep by regulating people’s circadian rhythms. However, those who like to sleep in might need to simulate the sunrise with a SmartSleep Therapy Lamp. This tech features light-guided breathing and multiple brightness levels to help users fall asleep quicker and wake easier. Purchase this smart alarm for $100 to $180 from a variety of retailers.

Xbox Wireless Headset

10. Xbox Wireless Headset
Microsoft’s new $99 wireless headset offers users the best bang for their buck by doubling as an everyday set of wireless headphones. Volume dials allow users to control and isolate the sound in each ear cup so they can simultaneously take calls and listen to the sound coming from their Xbox console. Plus, its sleek design and bendable microphone makes the headset extremely functional, not to mention attractive.

Choosing the Right Gear

Consumers who are looking to surprise a friend or relative with new electronics might not know where to start. With so many gadgets to choose from, finding one that’s compatible with their current collection of devices can be tricky. However, a little bit of research into what brands they use will likely reveal dozens of options they’ll enjoy using for many years to come — or at least until the next best thing arrives!

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