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LogicMark Launches Direct-to-Consumer Distribution Channel

New E-commerce Platform and Website Offers Technology to Help People of All Ages Live Independently


LogicMark, Inc. has announced its new direct-to-consumer sales channel to facilitate delivery of its personal emergency response solutions to more people. In addition, the company is unveiling a new website and e-commerce platform which will aid the new direct-to-consumer distribution channel.

“For more than 10 years, our company and technology have earned the trust of our customers by helping them live worry-free knowing we are there to help when they need it most,” said Chia-Lin Simmons, CEO of LogicMark. “Technology has made life easier and more convenient in many ways, and now we are building solutions that can support freedom for the whole family — from caregivers to those needing care. We are excited to finally make our products available directly to consumers who need them.”

Today LogicMark is working to disrupt the care economy and help people of all ages live with greater peace of mind. The new company website offers a user-friendly experience with the opportunity for consumers to purchase products directly from the online store. The website includes a fresh look and feel as well as the company’s updated branding, messaging, and mission.

Consumers can directly purchase the company’s best-selling products via the new website, including the GuardianAlert911+GuardianAlert911 and FreedomAlert. The simple, easy-to-use solutions provide safety and security for people both at home and on-the-go.

LogicMark’s new website and e-commerce platform comes on the heels of the company’s recent name change (from Nxt-ID to LogicMark) to reflect the company’s enhanced focus on the care economy and technology.

“It’s time for innovation in the care economy, allowing caregivers to confidently care for those they love, while helping their loved ones to continue to live independently,” continued Simmons. “Peace of mind is priceless. Our new direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform is just the beginning of LogicMark’s evolution.”

To date, LogicMark has supplied more than 500,000 PERS devices to seniors, veterans and loved ones, providing them with the confidence to live independently at home for as long as possible. Through distribution via the Veterans Health Administration medical centers and outpatient clinics, LogicMark provides these devices to U.S. veterans at no charge. The U.S. government awarded LogicMark a GSA contract in July 2021, enabling the company to partner with federal, state and local governments to widen the distribution of its products.

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