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Nintendo Switch Pro Launch Tipped For This Week — What You Need To Know

Nintendo Switch Pro could be unveiled June 3

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The Nintendo Switch Pro might arrive sooner than we thought. Or be unveiled soon, at least — the next-generation console could appear sometime this week based on the latest collection of release date rumors.

As you may recall, the PS5 and Xbox Series X debuted months before becoming available to buy. We could see the same occur with the Nintendo Switch Pro, with an official announcement happening prior to the E3 2021 conference, according to a recent report from Bloomberg.

This year virtual E3 events will take place on June 12 to June 15, giving Bloomberg’s intel less than two weeks to prove true.

New insight from co-founder Nick Baker corroborates the Bloomberg report. Baker said the next Nintendo Direct event is planned for Thursday, June 3, and expects the beefed-up Switch console to make an appearance.

“At the moment, I’m told the Super Nintendo Switch (that’s what I want the name to be damn it) Direct/Mini Direct/Announcement is scheduled for Thursday,” Baker tweeted.

Baker added that the new console’s announcement has been delayed before and “could be again.” In other words, there’s no guarantee a Nintendo Switch with  boosted performance and some form of 4K output will materialize.

Again, even if the console is announced, you won’t be able to buy it for several months. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo is starting production of the upgraded console in July, with a consumer release scheduled for September or October this year.

Pre-orders might start sooner, though. A Nintendo Switch Pro listing appeared on Amazon’s Mexico website last week. While the now-deleted listing showed a blank page, it displayed Nintendo as the seller.

Nintendo Switch Pro: What we know

Based on the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors we’ve heard so far, the upcoming console will be more expensive than the current Nintendo Switch, which costs $299. We don’t know the specific Switch Pro price, but leaks estimate it’ll range from $350 to $399.

As for exclusive features, Bloomberg reported the Switch Pro could be 4K-capable and benefit from Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling. DLSS is an advanced version of AI-driven upscaling which further improves picture quality.

Other possible upgrades include increased durability in hand-held mode and a sturdier kickstand for docked mode. We’d expected to see some connectivity improvements, too.

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