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Zoombak Moves Into Best Buy

New York
– Zoombak said it became the first personal GPS tracker to be sold at Best Buy,
as 553 Best Buy locations have begun selling its tracking device.

The Zoombak Universal Locator lets users locate and track
children, teen and senior drivers, and pets. The device is smaller and lighter
than a deck of cards and can be tracked from a PC or mobile device, said
Zoombak. It lets parents set up speed alerts and geographical boundaries so
parents receive a text message if kids speed or leave a proscribed area.  Parents can also view a turn-by-turn
depiction of where a teen driver is heading and how fast.

The device is self-installable and will be available for $99.99
at Best Buy with a monthly service fee starting at $9.99.  Zoombak, a division of Liberty Media, will also
set up end cap displays at Best Buy.

Zoombak stated that auto accidents are the No. 1 cause of death
among teens aged 16 to 20, and, on average, a teen driver is injured in a crash
every 55 seconds. It claimed GPS trackers can give parents a tool to monitor a
teen’s driving to help prevent speeding, a major cause of accidents.

The Zoombak locator
may also be used to track fleet vehicles and to recover stolen vehicles.  It is also sold through Target, Amazon, Radio
Shack, Pep Boys and Advance Auto Parts.