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XM Teams with Zipcar

Washington — XM continued its effort to expose XM Satellite Radio to new users by partnering with car rental company Zipcar, which will offer XM in its cars.

Zipcar, a rent by the hour or day car service, will offer XM in its cars beginning April 13. XM receivers will be activated in Zipcar’s fleet of 500 cars in 21 cities in the metro Boston, New York and Washington areas.

XM will be provided at no additional cost to Zipcar members, totaling about 35,000, with about 1,500 new customers joining the service each month, said Zipcar.

The service strategically parks cars at certain locations around a city where members can use them after reserving them electronically by the hour or day.

“Thousands of city residents drive Zipcars every day. This presents a great opportunity to promote our service. Zipcar is an innovative company that is quickly establishing a popular offering for consumers. It reminds me of XM when we were starting out,” said Hugh Panero, president/CEO of XM.