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Will Apple Turn Around iPod Sales Decline?

San Francisco – The eyes of the
mobile-device industry will turn to this city on Sept. 1 to see if Apple’s expected
introduction of new iPods will turn around the worldwide decline in iPod sales.

the first three quarters of its 2010 fiscal year ending June 26, Apple’s
worldwide iPod sales fell 6.3 percent to 41.3 million, company reports show.

During an

event last year

at this time, Apple refreshed
its iPod line with its first camera-equipped iPod Nanos, a new $59 iPod
Shuffle, and an expanded Touch line starting at $199 but running to $399 for a
model with the new 64GB capacity. At this year’s event, the company might add some
of the

iPhone 4’s new features

to the iPod Touch, including the
phone’s Retina display, front-facing camera, Wi-Fi-based Face Time video-chat
capability (which currently enables iPhone-to-iPhone video chat), 720p/30 fps
HD video recording, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and a gyroscope that, when added to its
current accelerometer, would provide six-axis motion sensing for gaming.