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Wal-Mart Adding G1 Android Phone

Bentonville, Ark. — Wal-Mart will begin offering T-Mobile’s G1 cellphone on Wednesday, Oct. 29, in about 550 stores in more than 25 markets.

“As more supply becomes available, we will expand to more stores,” a spokeswoman said.

The G1 is the industry’s first cellphone based on Google’s open-platform Android operating system. Wal-Mart will price the phone at $148.88. On Oct. 22, the phone went on sale at $179 through T-mobile stores and other select retailers in the 95 cities where the carrier offers 3G service. The prices are with two-year service agreement for new T-Mobile subscribers and for existing subscribers eligible for an upgrade.

T-Mobile’s 3G service is available in the 25 markets in which Wal-Mart will offer the phone on Wednesday.

The HTC-made smartphone, equipped with Web-browsing touchscreen and horizontal slide-out QWERTY keyboard, is also available for purchase online at