Vudu Expands Service To Web Site


Santa Clara, Calif. - Popular movie streaming service Vudu said Tuesday that it has launched access to its subscription-free streaming services through the

web site.

Visitors to the site are now able to use their PCs to browse, select and instantly stream content from a large selection of movie and TV titles, including some of the newest releases from all major Hollywood studios and independents, Vudu said.

"Customers will be able to enjoy movies instantly and easily at with no additional hardware or software download required," said Edward Lichty, general manager of Vudu. "This launch is part of our overall commitment to provide the Vudu service through as many points of access as possible, offering our customer the latest movies at the highest available streaming quality wherever they choose to watch."

Movie content available from the web site will be in standard definition resolution only. Vudu's HD and HDX (with up to 1080p HD resolution) quality content will only be available through enabled set-top devices, a Vudu spokesperson told TWICE.

However, Vudu's browser-based streaming service will give users the opportunity to rent or buy content at and then watch the content on any of the more than 300 Vudu-enabled CE devices, including HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc players and the PlayStation3.

"Through this launch, users will be able to access the same piece of content across multiple platforms so that they can begin a movie on and then finish watching that content on their home entertainment device, or vice versa," Vudu explained.

As for access by open browser devices other than PCs, such as GoogleTV systems, Vudu told TWICE: "Vudu browser-based streaming will work on any device with Flash DRM built-in. Google TV does not yet support Flash DRM. However, the catalog can be viewed and trailers can be played on Google TV."


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