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Vizio Launches ‘Fandemonium’ Social Network

Irvine, Calif. — Vizio launched Tuesday an online social community, called Vizio Fandemonium, for fans of all stripes of home entertainment.

Vizio said the social network would give fans a chance to rally together to share and express their enthusiasm for sports, music, movies, games and more.

It will allow fans to compete and climb the ranks as they demonstrate their ultimate fan devotion, and earn points they can redeem for prizes from Vizio and others, including Hulu Plus subscriptions, M-Go movies and TV shows, Netflix gift subscriptions, Pandora One subscriptions and signed memorabilia.

Vizio said ESPN, AMD, Vudu, YouTube and DreamWorks Animation planned to sign their brands on to the effort as well.

“Every fan that registers for Vizio Fandemonium can accrue redeemable points for a wide range of activities such as retail check-ins, product video views, product reviews, product purchases and registration, social-media engagement and more,” a company statement announcing the program read.

“With Vizio Fandemonium, we’re really looking to embrace the current shift in digital communication by developing engaging conversations and also allowing fans to interact socially, sharing their experiences with each other and competing for great prizes,” said Matt McRae, Vizio chief technology officer. 

Vizio said users have a chance to win exclusive fan experiences, starting with a VIP experience at the 2013 ESPYS awards show.

Vizio’s ESPYS Sweepstakes, presented by VizioO and AMD, began on May 31.

As fans climb the ranks, they’ll have opportunities to use points for entertainment gear and content, including a 80-inch Vizio M-series Razor LED smart TV or a Vizio 11.6-inch tablet PC, as well as signed memorabilia.

Vizio said it hinted at the Vizio Fandemonium project during the 2013 Rose Bowl using a social-media platform campaign that let fans cheer and jeer, and have their photos placed on the Rose Bowl Jumbotron.

Vizio said it opted to return the effort on a much larger scales following “overwhelming, positive feedback from fans.”

Fans can register at