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Vestalife Expands iPod-Docking Selection

Studio City, Calif. — Vestalife is expanding its range of iPod-docking speakers systems to four models, including its original Ladybug and Butterfly models, and adding its first two digital picture frames for Sept. 1 availability. 

One of the frames includes an iPod dock. Docking models are designated Made for iPod and Works with iPhone.

The $149 Firefly speaker dock is round with a rear-firing woofer and fold-out speaker wings that include left-right speakers. It operates on AC or DC, includes rechargeable lithium-ion battery, comes with remote and includes aux-in jack. The $149 Jewelbox also featured fold-out speaker wings and a bottom-firing woofer.

 In digital picture frames, the $99 Butterfly Monitor features 7-inch 16:9 widescreen for movie viewing, SD/MMC card reader, aux-in jack and remote. The iPod-docking version at $179 is designated Made for iPod and Works with iPhone.

The Firefly uses angled, hidden hinges to let the speaker wings open to the sides and slightly forward to reveal the docking pins. The speakers are designed to accommodate interchangeable graphics for special edition models and also include three die-cut labels that can be customized and printed out by consumers.