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Universal Remote Control Shows New Master System Controller

Universal Remote Control is unveiling the MSC-400 Master System Controller here.

The component-style controller can be expanded to cover multiple rooms and A/V systems, and incorporate several controllers and varying user interfaces — customized as needed for each room, or even each user, according to the company.

The MSC-400 is designed to operate with any of four powerful, compatible URC remotes — new system versions of the MX-3000 and MX-950, and the new MX-900 and TX-1000.

The remotes trigger command sequences that are programmed into the MSC-400. Once triggered, the commands execute without interruption or further interaction with the remote. No pointing is necessary.

The MSC-400 can control a wide range of disparate devices, including those activated by infrared, RS-232 (serial), relay (contact/voltage trigger) and USB keyboard commands.

The unit can control up to 12 components using IR commands, detect the on/off status of six devices, control six devices using the RS-232 ports, operate projection screens, drapes and lifts, and allow a connected remote to serve as a PC keyboard on any WinPC with a USB port. Master/slave programming options enable installers to combine two MSC-400 Controllers into a single system that can automate up to 22 components.

It comes with an RFX-250 RF Receiver, which allows installers to completely conceal all of a system’s hardware and maintain connectivity at distances approaching 100 feet.

It is shipping now at a suggested $799.