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Tivoli Audio To Expand Lineup

Las Vegas

Tivoli Audio

will go to January’s
International CES with its first stand-alone iPod/iPhone dock, which connects
to any existing A/V system, and a high-performance mono table radio that is
smaller than the company’s current models.

Both will join the company’s existing selection of AM/FM table radios,
AM/FM portable radios and FM/Internet
table radios
. The Model 200 table radio ships in the spring, and the dock
ships in March.

The dock, called the Connector, works with iPhone, making
it unnecessary to place a docked iPhone in airplane mode to prevent audible
interference with a nearby sound system while iPhone music plays back. As a
result, an iPhone’s cellular radio remains on and able to receive calls while iPhone-stored
music is playing. In addition, the music automatically mutes when a call comes

The Connector features S- and composite-video outputs for
connection to TVs, analog minijack output for connection to audio systems, nine
dock adapters, 100-240V universal external power supply, and power adapter
plugs for use in all parts of the world. The back of an iPod or iPhone rests on
an adjustable metal support to prevent dock- and iPod/iPhone-connector damage
when the controls of an iPod or iPhone are pushed. The dock also comes with an
IR remote to control most iPod/iPhone functions. The Connectors is available in
furniture-grade walnut, cheery or black wood finishes and in multi-layer
high-gloss white.

The new single-chassis mono AM/FM table radio is the Model 200, which
is smaller than current Tivoli
models at 8 inches by 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches and, unlike the other AM/FM
table radios, features digital tuning of analog stations as well as remote
control. The radio features embedded 3-inch driver, but an add-on speaker will
be available to deliver stereo sound. It will be available in furniture-grade
cherry, walnut, and wenge wood finishes.

Like the company’s tabletop FM/Internet radio, the Model 200
features a single rotary control on top to access all functions, including
clock-radio functions, through a menu appearing on a front-panel LCD display
with adjustable brightness. Functions can also be accessed by the included

Features include treble, bass, loudness and balance controls;
digital clock; two independent alarms; and sleep timer and snooze control. It
maintains time during power outages. The radio also features five
station-preset buttons on back. Other features include aux and mix audio input,
and record, headphone and subwoofer outputs.