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TiVo To Debut 1TB HD DVR At CEDIA Expo

TiVo is unveiling at CEDIA Expo its HD XL DVR, which is said to include a 1TB hard disk drive — the highest capacity it has yet delivered.

The unit is said to be capable of storing up to 150 hours of high-definition television programs at a time, and is TiVo’s second DVR to receive THX performance quality certification.

The HD XL is available direct to consumers starting this week from the TiVo Web site at $599.

“With so much HD content now available, we felt it was vital to offer consumers an easy way to record as much television programming as they’d like to watch at a later time without ever having to worry about capacity,” stated Andrew Morrison, TiVo product platforms director.

“What is great about the XL is it gives content lovers plenty of room for all the programming they love, saving them from having to decide if they need to prematurely delete a favorite movie or a big game memory when space gets tight. Satellite or cable DVRs simply can’t match it,” he added

The HD XL DVR, which includes a broadband connection, is said to offer all of TiVo’s popular features, enabling users to download thousands of movies and TV shows, browse and watch YouTube videos, listen to songs from the Rhapsody music service and view music videos from Music Choice.

The unit will ship with a TiVo Series3 premium back-lit remote control and an included HDMI cable.

Similar to the TiVo HD unit, the HD XL DVR includes dual tuners enabling the recording of two different shows in HD at the same time, while watching a third pre-recorded show.

It is compatible with HD digital cable, analog cable and over-the-air digital HD (ATSC) signals.

TiVo said it will make the HD XL available to retailers next week, including Magnolia Home Theater, Amazon and various other high-end retailers and customer installers.