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Technicolor To Reintroduce RCA Brand To Millennials

Technicolor, who owns and licenses the RCA brand, is about to “reintroduce the brand to a new generation of consumers, millennials,” next month, according to Pam Kunick-Cohen, brand management head of the parent company.

She revealed some of the plans to TWICE during the Getgeeked New York event at the Brooklyn Expo Center on Oct. 15. The facility was located in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint/Williamsburg neighborhood, a neighborhood teeming with millennials and hipsters.

“The RCA brand represents quality, innovation and value. … We have to get that message to these new consumers,” Kunick-Cohen said.

The plan calls for a live event to be held sometime during November at California’s Glendale Galleria, which will feature RCA-branded products from around Black Friday to Christmas.

“The effort will be backed by a national media buy, only online, and will feature the new tagline, ‘RCA: Made For Moments,’ ” the Technicolor executive explained.

A website for RCA products will be relaunched in early November and the campaign will also feature a major social-media effort and new packaging for all RCA-branded products to give them all the same look and feel,” Pam Kunick-Cohen said.

“We want to reintroduce the brand as one of performance, quality, innovation and value. RCA has strong support in the Midwest and Southern states, but we want to get the message to millennials,” she noted.

“For instance, we have to remind everyone that RCA has a history of [product] innovation that continues. And that RCA products have great value. For instance, a new RCA 4K TV is being introduced at $999,” Kunick-Cohen explained.

Technicolor currently has 15 RCA licensees for products worldwide, with three companies in CE and appliances for the U.S.: Alco (tablets and laptops); On Corp (large TVs); and Curtis (smartphones and major appliances).

When asked if part of the plan is to add new categories and new licensees for the U.S., Kunick-Cohen said, “We are always looking for new categories. And we only pick one licensee per product category.”

More specifics on the new RCA marketing plan should be available from Technicolor shortly, she noted.