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Sprint Rolls Out Lower-Priced Prepaid LTE Plan

Overland Park, Kan. — Sprint is rolling out new low-priced no-contract smartphone program option that includes LTE and Spark-compatible phones.

Sprint Prepaid replaces Sprint As You Go and is priced lower than the company’s Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile prepaid plans.

Sprint Prepaid starts at $45 a month. The initial lineup of devices includes the Sprint Spark-enabled Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, the 4G LTE-capable Samsung Galaxy S3, and the 3G Moto G.

The plan also includes pre-owned Apple iPhone 4s models.

Plans announced include the Smart at $45, with unlimited talk and text and Wi-Fi-enabled data only, and Smart Plus at $60, with unlimited talk, text and 2.5GB/month data.

The Smart Plus plan includes unlimited talk, text and data while on the Sprint network. Sprint Spark-enhanced LTE capable devices will also be available at launch and when in a Sprint Spark coverage area, will allow users to experience Sprint’s fastest data speeds available.

Jeff Hallock, Sprint chief marketing officer, said that the list of available devices will grow throughout the year and that feature phones will be added soon.

“Our goal is to respond to customers’ shifting demands by featuring a variety of wireless plans that meet different needs,” Hallock. “This new Sprint Prepaid offer allows us to play more competitively in the monthly prepaid space. Prepaid plans are a viable solution for many consumers, and we’re now making these available to people who have an affinity for the Sprint brand, are looking for savings, and desire no-contract options without compromise.”

Sprint Prepaid customers will be able to participate in the popular Sprint Buyback program which allows them to trade in an eligible device to earn account credits. At launch, Buyback will be available to Sprint Prepaid customers online only and customers will receive a credit to their account.

Basic plans for feature phones will be introduced next month.