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Sony Offers GPS Solution For Digicams

San Diego, Calif. — Sony announced today a new GPS device that can be used with its digital cameras and camcorders, allowing users to plot the location of their images on a map.

The two ounce GPS-CS1 device clips to a belt or backpack. It can continuously record location and time while a user is photographing.

The GPS data captured by the GPS-CS1 is merged with digital images on a PC. To locate your images on a map, users connect the GPS device to a computer via USB and upload the GPS data. Using the included GPS Image Tracker software and the time stamp embedded in the digital image, photos are synchronized with the latitude, longitude and time readings from the GPS-CS1.

To locate images on a map, Sony ships software called Picture Motion Browser in all the cameras and camcorders released since July. Using that software and the synchronized images, consumers can have their photos appear as virtual pushpins on Google maps.

The GPS-CS1 ships next month for an estimated $150.