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Sony 2023 Bravia TVs Add Modes For Movie Watching And PS5 Game Play

With its new 2023 Bravia TVs, Sony has added a Custom Mode and Perfect for PS5 modes to make film-watching and video game-playing experiences to be as true to their creators' imagining as possible

Sony LCD XR-75X90L (image credit: Stewart Wolpin)

Sony has announced its new 4K Bravia QD-OLED, OLED, miniLED, and full array LED LCD TV models for 2023, all featuring an unusual number of image and sound enhancements compared to last year’s models including increased brightness, Dolby Vision, ATMOS, native 120Hz displays, and new modes to enhance movie watching and PS5 game playing.

In addition, the new Bravia models are constructed of an increased amount of “Sorplas” – Sustainable Oriented Recycled Plastic – and all the varying TV eco-modes are grouped into a single ECO Dashboard menu, all part of Sony’s Road to Zero by 2040 effort.

Sony LCD XR-7590L (image credit: Stewart Wolpin)

Also announced were five new Sony TV audio products, including the HT-A9 four-speaker wireless system, and four new soundbars: the 7.1.2-channel HT-A7000, the 5.1.2 channel HT-A5000, the 3.1 channel HT-A3000, all featuring the company’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, and the 3.1 channel HT-S2000 ($499). All can be paired with optional wireless SA-RS5 (except the S2000) or SA-RS35 rear satellites and/or SA-SW5 or SA-SW3 subwoofers.

“We are excited to bring a new lineup that continues to bring Sony’s best spatial entertainment and gaming experiences with picture and sound,” said Tyler Ishida, president of Sony Home Entertainment.

Sony MiniLED XR-85X95L (image credit: Stewart Wolpin)

The headline for Sony’s 2023 Bravia TV sets are the new Sony Custom Mode and Perfect for PlayStation5. The former mode is Sony’s answer to the Hollywood-endorsed Filmmaker mode found on numerous Samsung, LG, and Panasonic TV models. An in-house mode worked out with Sony Pictures technologists, Custom Mode employs tools from Sony’s Pro BVM-HX310 dual cell LCD studio monitor, which is used as a reference rather than guidance from directors and DPs, to present a more precise cinematic presentation.

“Perfect for PS5” features auto HDR tone mapping, auto genre picture mode, Dolby Vision for gaming, a Games Mode menu that enables the user to customize 48-120Hz VRR (variable refresh rate), motion blur reduction, black equalizer to increase the brightness of dark areas to more easily spot objects and opponents, persistent crosshair, and the crosshair type, all designed to enhance both how a game looks and how it plays. Game Mode also includes a setting to reduce the screen image to make it easier to see game action when sitting up close to a big-screen set, while Multi-View allows a gamer to simultaneously view both gameplay and YouTube screens side-by-side.

Included in all the new Bravia models except the X93L miniLED is Sony’s XR Clear Image, designed to be “respectful of creator intent” by improving the upscaling of any content to “real” 4K, and reducing noise reduction by focusing on the source of the image.

Sony OLED XR-A95L (image credit: Sony)

To enhance audio, all the new 2023 Bravias include Acoustic Center Sync, which uses the TV speakers to dramatically enhance dialog volume and clarity when the set is paired with the center channel of a compatible Sony soundbar, along with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping that generates phantom surround sound speakers with sound field optimization.

All 2023 Bravia models are powered by Sony’s next-generation Cognitive Processor XR chip, and include Bluetooth, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG, Netflix Calibrated Mode, IMAX Enhanced, X-Anti Reflection, X-Wide Angle, BRAVIA Core Calibrated Mode that automatically adjusts picture settings to match the content, Bravia Cam that detects the viewer’s position to optimize the picture and sound according to room environment and viewing distance, Google TV, Chromecast built-in, Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple AirPlay2, Apple HomeKit, Acoustic Auto Calibration, HDMI 2.0 x2, HDMI 2.1 x2 (4K120Hz, VRR, ALLM, eARC), Kids Profile, and either 2- or 3-way (narrow positioning for 77-inch only) stands to keep a set flush with a tabletop or to elevate it several inches to accommodate a soundbar.

Sony QD-OLED XR-65A95L (image credit: Stewart Wolpin)

Sony’s new Bravia TVs break down into Master (OLED), Premium (MiniLED), and Gold Standard (LED) versions in five series:

  • A95L QD-OLED Master Series: Sony’s top-of-the-line Bravia models are these 55- , 65- , and 77-inch WRGB quantum dot OLED models that the company claims are up to 200% brighter than last year’s quantum OLED versions and are up to 30% brighter than the company’s standard OLED TVs; the company declined to provide any precise nit measurements, however. According to the company, quantum dot replaces the usual color filter to slow the color frequency shifts to keep reds, blues, and greens truer and reduces increased whites when brightness is increased. The QD-OLED A95L models also include other features and functions not found on the other 2023 models including XR Triluminos Max, which provides a wider color gamut.
  • A80L OLED Premium: Available in 55-, 65- , 77-, and 83-inch, the 2023 A80L Sony’s WRGB OLED series up brightness up to 10% compared to the company’s OLEDs from last year. Both OLED series sets also feature Acoustic Surface Audio+ with actuators that vibrate to produce sound from the entire screen that matches with what’s playing on screen.
  • X95L, X93L miniLED Premium: Sony’s top-of-the-line X95L miniLED is available only in an 85-inch version, while the X93L versions come in 65-, 75-, and 85-inch editions. The X95L offers 20% more local dimming zones compared to the X93L, XR Backlight Master Drive that enables better backlight control, increases brightness, and decreases blooming, along with Custom Mode, Sony’s Clear Image instead of the company’s XR 4K Upscaling included in the X93L. Along with Acoustic Center Sync, the X95L includes features Acoustic Multi-Audio+, which uses the set’s frame tweeters to elevate the sound to match the on-screen image.
  • X90L LED LCD Gold Standard: The X90L 55-, 65-, 75-, 85-, and 98-inch models all now boast aluminum rather than plastic bezels, with up to 60% more dimming zones up to 30% higher peak brightness than Sony’s standard 2022 LED TVs.

Sony will release pricing and availability information when the TVs are ready to ship in mid to late spring. However, as a point of reference, last year’s 65-inch QD-OLED model was priced at $3,000 while the 2022 65-inch LED Bravia carried a $999 MAP.

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