Sony Intros New Walkman MP3 Players

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CEDIA Expo 2009 San Diego - Sony introduced a new portable video/MP3 Walkman series that adds FM recording capability and offers built-in stereo speakers so users can share music out loud.

The new S series claims to retain a slim form factor that is 0.5 inch thick, in spite of the built-in speakers. "By outfitting this Walkman with internal speakers, we feel that we are adding a new social element to the world of digital music and video," said Katie O'Brien, Walkman manager for Sony.

Users can also record favorite songs heard on FM radio and can also make voice recordings. 

S-series models have a 2.4-inch QVGA LCD screen (measured diagonally).  They allow drag-and-drop transfer of music from a PC or via iTunes 8.1 using Content Transfer.  They are also the first budget-priced Sony Walkman units to offer 16GB of storage.

The Sony S series of video/MP3 players includes built-in speakers to play music aloud.

Battery life is rated at up to 42 hours of music playback and 6.5 hours of video playback through headphones, or 17 hours of music and up to five hours of video playback using the internal speakers.

Also new are budget-priced E-series Walkman video/MP3 players with 2-inch QVGA LCD screens and a battery life of 30 hours of music playback and four hours of video playback.

The S series will be available in 8GB and 16GB in September for approximately $110 and $130, respectively, in colors including black, red, violet and pink.  The E series will be available with the same storage choice at approximately $80 and $100 in red and black. 

  Sony will phase out its B series of MP3-only Walkman models while the high-end X series with OLED touchscreens remain in the lineup.


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