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Smartphones Replace The Post-Sex Cigarette For Millennials

Smartphones have become so central to the lives of U.S. millennials that one in three millennials checks their phone right after love making, 12 percent check before they’re finished, and 35 percent check their phones at least twice an hour during their vertical hours.

What’s more, 20 percent of millennials said they can’t keep track of how often they check their phones during the day, but said it’s definitely more than 10 times an hour.

Those are among the kiss-and-tell findings of a survey of 2,000 millennials by Coupofy, the online database of coupon and promo codes for redemption through online stores.

On top of that, 73 percent of millennials go to sleep with their smartphones by their bed.

As for how they use smartphones, millennials cited GPS location, games, online buying, sharing via social media and getting news updates as the top five advantages of owning a smartphone.

Coupofy also uncovered the following:

• 28 percent of U.S. millennials prefer shopping on their smartphones rather than on computers.
• 40 percent spend the most on flowers when shopping on smartphones, followed by taxi and booking services.
• More than 68 percent of millennials consume smartphone-delivered news through Facebook, while Instagram is the primary source of news for 24 percent of high school students.

Here’s a deeper dive into the statistics:

Coupofy found that 28 percent of millennials get anxious to check their phones during sex if the phone buzzes or they see a notification, which runs counter to the belief that millennials are better multitaskers. Almost twice as many men than women have checked their phones during sex (14 percent vs. 18 percent).

And 65 percent don’t sext or send naked pictures of themselves, but a whole lot do.

Among the chief advantages of owning a smartphone cited by millennials is finding out where they are when they’re lost, cited by 73 percent. Next is game playing (68 percent), shopping (60 percent), sharing with friends and family (55 percent) and reading news (52 percent).

Among millennials who shop by smartphone, 40 percent said they spend the most on buying flowers, followed by 27 percent citing taxi and driving services, 22 percent citing flights and hotels, and 7 percent citing digital products and apps.

For millennials, news reading is among the top five top advantages of owning a smartphone, and the top way they get news is Facebook, cited by 69 percent of millennials. Next are news sites, cited by 49 percent, and news apps, cited by 41 percent. Thirty-three percent also use Instagram to keep up on the news, and 21 percent use Twitter.