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Sigma To Release Dual MTF Charts

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. — Sigma of America said Monday that it is releasing a Geometrical Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) chart and a Diffraction MTF chart for use in measuring the performance of all of its new Global Vision lenses.

The company said MTF charts are important because they help photographers better understand the optical quality of its lenses.

Sigma has traditionally released Diffraction MTF data because it takes the diffraction quality of light into consideration, which can dramatically affect the data outcome.

Diffracted light exists at every aperture, giving photographers a more accurate measurement of how the lens will perform in real life, Sigma pointed out.

The company added that although Geometric MTF data is easier to measure and calculate, since it does not consider the diffraction quality of light, it tends to show higher values in the graph and less defined results. 

“As a family-owned organization, we hold ourselves and the products we design to a very high standard,” stated Mark Amir-Hamzeh, Sigma of America president. “Our customers expect high quality products and by sharing both MTF charts for all our new lenses, we are able to help guide them in making the most informed purchase decisions based on how our lenses will perform in actual photography situations.”

The company said that by making both MTF charts available, its customers will have accurate lens measurements to better evaluate the full potential of Sigma’s lenses.