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Sanyo Debuts Camera WithH.264 Codec

Sanyo introduced a pair of flash-memory-based video cameras, including its first model to use the new H.264 codec.

The models accept the new SDHC memory card format which extends recording time to up to 10 hours in the case of the new CG65.

The 6-megapixel Xacti VPC-CG65 uses the Advanced Video Codec H.264, which the company says shrinks MPEG-4 video by 25 percent without sacrificing quality. According to Sanyo, the device can store up to 10 hours of VGA video on an 8GB SDHC memory card.

It offers a built-in gyro sensor to detect and digitally correct blur caused by camera shake when shooting still images. It can electronically stabilize video as well.

The unit is capable of recording video in low-light environments up to 2 lux with an automatic frame rate adjustment when shooting in lamp mode.

For stills, the unit features ISO sensitivities to 1,600. It can snap full-resolution stills while shooting video.

Additional features include a 9-point autofocus, an auto guide that audibly alerts users to camera modes, super macro mode, built-in red-eye correction and movie editing. When connected to a PC, the device can record a screen image and save it to memory.

Due in April, the $399 CG65 will be available in black, silver and green.

The 6-megapixel Xacti CG6 features a 5x optical zoom lens, 2.5-inch LCD that can rotate up to 290 degrees and a built-in gyro sensor to detect and digitally correct image blur due to camera shake. The unit also features electronic stabilization for video capture.

The CG6 offers low light shooting down to 2 lux with an automatic frame-rate adjustment when shooting in lamp mode.

It can snap full-resolution still images while simultaneously recording video.

It ships at the end of the month for a suggested $329.