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SanDisk Expands European Retail Presence

Berlin, Germany – The battle for flash memory market share has ignited in Europe as SanDisk announced that it has expanded its retail presence in Europe with the opening of a logistics distribution center in Europe for product deliveries to its retail distribution network.

The number of retail outlets in Europe that carry SanDisk-branded flash memory cards and accessory products has increased from 6,000 in January, 2000, to approximately 10,000 today. During the same time frame, the number of European countries where SanDisk products are sold has grown from 18 to 30 and includes additions such as Russia, Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Croatia and the Ukraine.

‘The markets for consumer electronics products, especially digital cameras, that use our flash cards and card readers has been strong across Europe,’ Gerrit Van Hofwegen, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) sales manager. Van Hofwegen added that Europe also is leading the world in mobile phone development and retailers have discovered that flash memory cards can add new features to many of these phones and make them more attractive to consumers.