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Samsung Unveils ‘Direct-Lit’ LED/LCD TV Line For 2012


Samsung formally unveiled its 2012
TV lineup here last Tuesday, but despite all of the
advanced new technologies, a lineup of new midline
“direct-lit” LED LCD TVs may have the biggest impact
on TV unit sales in the year ahead.

The new direct-lit LED TVs are part of Samsung’s
EH-model assortment, featuring screen sizes from 26
to 65 inches across four model series, all designed
to give consumers a cost-effective alternative to lessenergy-
efficient CCFL-based LCD TVs on mainstream
selling floors.

Dave Das, Samsung TV product marketing VP, said
the new direct-lit EH LED TVs will serve as a stepping
stone between a narrowed assortment of entry CCFL
models and higher performing Slim Line LED LCD TVs
that use an edge-lighting approach that affords thinner panel depths and further improvements
to picture performance.

All of the EH models will offer
better power efficiency than
their CCFL counterparts, as
well as improved brightness and
contrast, while offering roughly
the same panel depth as those
entry units.

Meanwhile, Samsung once
again demonstrated the unusual
control system, called
Smart Interaction. It is included
in the ES8000 and ES7500
LED/LCD TV series, as well as
the PNE8000 plasma series.
The system is controlled by new
dual-core processors included
in each set.

Smart Interaction will enable
users to control simple set functions
by speaking, moving their
hands or showing themselves
to the system’s built-in cameras
to activate, for example, a Facebook

A feature called Smart Evolution
offers a CPU and memory
module in a box on the back of
the set, which will allow purchasers
to upgrade their TVs to the
latest features as they are developed
through 2016. The pricing
on the box was not disclosed.

The flagship LED line also
features an ultra-slim One Design
bezel, first introduced by
Samsung in 2011, along with a
new matching U-shape stand
that makes the TV look almost
weightless. The ES8000 will
also be available in the 46-, 55-
and 60-inch screen sizes with a
65-inch model coming later in
the year.

Samsung will include Micro
Dimming technology in a variety
of levels this year, starting in the
ES6600 Slim-LED models and
higher. The step-up ES7500 has
Micro Dimming Pro technology
that is said to add color and detail
enhancements to the image
using video processing, while a
Micro Dimming Ultimate feature
in ES8000 series models will
analyze the picture to optimize
the LED backlight and video signal
in real time.

As for 3D, Samsung said the
feature is included in more than
half of all 2012 models, and many
ship with two pairs of activeshutter
glasses, with higher-end
models shipping with four pairs.
Glasses will also sell separately
at prices starting at $20.

The EH sets will be offered in
the EH4000 series with 26- and
32-inch models; the EH5000
series with 32-, 37-, 40-, 46- and
50-inch models; the EH5300
series with 32-, 40- and 46-inch
models and possibly a 50-inch
model coming later in the year;
and the EH6000 series featuring
40-, 46-, 50-, 55-, 60- and
65-inch models.

The EH5300 series and
higher models include built-in
Wi-Fi linking to the Samsung
Smart Hub to easily access a
wide range of apps or browse
the web; it also supports Skype
and Samsung DLNA-enabled
AllShare technology.

The EH5300 offers a narrow
bezel design and 1080p resolution.

All of the EH models use a
so-called full array LED mounting
system, where LEDs are positioned
all the way across the
LCD panel back plane. This has
traditionally been positioned by
Samsung and others as a superior
form of LED technology. But
Das said to reduce the price, the
new sets use fewer LEDs than
earlier full-array models. Samsung
is not disclosing exactly
how many LEDs or how many
sectors of LEDs are employed.

Samsung said it has improved
the technology on its edgelit
LED LCD TVs so much that
those models now outperform
most full-array LED approaches,
while delivering superior panel
depth dimensions.

In plasma, Samsung is offering
16 models across seven series.

All plasma models will have
Samsung’s proprietary Real
Black Filter, previously only
available in premium models,
to deliver improved black levels
and color contrast. The higherend
E6500, E7000 and E8000
models will incorporate new
Real Black Pro technology that
boosts black levels further.

The lineup includes the flagship
Samsung plasma E8000,
which features a new black bezel
design with enhanced display

New features in select step-up
models in the line include dualcore
CPUs for quick app launching;
integrated camera and
noise-cancelling microphones in
high-end models for voice/gesture/
face operation; Smart Evolution
set-back box technology
that will allow top-end models to
be upgraded to newly advanced features as they are developed;
AllShare Play DLNA capability
with connectivity to Cloud
storage for access inside and
outside the home; a new Smart
Touch remote; and Smart Wireless
keyboard for more advanced
input control.