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Runco Ships Plasma Panels

Union City, Calif. — Runco International said it is now shipping two plasma displays that for the first time integrate the company’s Vivix video-scaling circuitry into the panel.

The “Cine Wall” models include the 43W-inch CW-43MC ($9,995 suggested retail) and the 50W-inch CW-50MC ($13,995). Both include modular cards carrying Runco’s proprietary Vivix circuitry for image scaling and video processing. Earlier models required outboard Vivix processors. Both panels list a depth of 4-1/2 inches.

The integral Vivix circuitry performs orthogonal line processing and deinterlacing capable of adjusting both film or video source material for better color saturation, brightness and contrast without many of the visible artifacts of other panels on the market.

Also addressed is active gray-scale rendering, which maintains smooth, progressive transitions within darker to lighter picture areas, producing strong depth of textures and shadow detail.

The new CW-43MC has a native resolution of 1,024 by 768 while the CW- 50MC displays 1,280 by 768, easily accommodating all HDTV sources.

Both models RS-232C serial interfaces and comprehensive infrared remotes for full automation control. Inputs include DVI-HDCP for digital 480P source material, permitting direct digital-video interconnection with compatible sources such as recent DTV tuners or new-generation DVD players, yielding even greater clarity and detail.