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Runco Ships ’09 LCD, PDP Flat-Panel Lines

Beaverton, Ore. — Planar’s Runco International said Tuesday it is now shipping the majority of its line of 2009 flat-panel displays, and is sticking with its strategy of delivering both plasma and LCD models tailored to the custom-installation channel.

This year’s flat-panel lines include 10 LCD models and five plasma models. Plasma display screen sizes include:

Runco continues to offer a 103-inch plasma monitor (above) among its ’09 flat-panel assortment.

50 inches, 65 inches and 103 inches, all with FullHD 1080p resolution.

The LCD screen sizes (both in new and carryover models) include: 32, 40, 42, 46, 47, 52, 57, 65 and 70 inches. All of Runco’s newer LCD models (see list below) offer 1080p resolution.

The 42-inch model is part of the company’s Climate Portfolio of all-weather displays. The remainder is part of the Crystal Portfolio.

All flat-panel models include Runco’s advanced Vivix video processing and technology enhancements for highly accurate colorimetry, the company said

Some of the company’s LCDs and plasmas are also available with Runco’s exclusive OPAL (Optical Path ALignment) technology. When applied to LCDs, OPAL is said to “preserve the integrity of the video content in high ambient light that competes with and degrades the images.”

Runco’s CX-OPAL47 and weatherproof Climate Portfolio WP-OPAL42 LCDs are the first Runco products currently available with OPAL. Runco said it will be offering its CinemaWall and PlasmaWall products with the technology in the near future.

In LCD, the OPAL system uses proprietary micro-visual surface treatment of the LCD panel to reduce internal and surface reflections by more than 20 times, increase contrast by more than three times, and enhance protection of the panel from contamination from dust, condensation and even the occasional blow from a handheld gaming remote, the company said.

In plasma models, OPAL is said to enhance black level, detail and clarity performance in darker rooms.

In lower-light applications, OPAL is said to allow small details within the darkest scenes to be vibrant without sacrificing the overall picture quality.

“At Runco, image quality and performance are our top priorities,” stated Matt Christensen, Runco product marketing manager. “Our flat panel displays deliver the highest-fidelity video performance with the most accurate color reproduction and a rich, cinematic feel. Unlike other brands that proved unsuccessful in providing flat-panel solutions for dealers within the custom installation channel, Runco continues to provide LCDs and plasmas that are demonstrably superior to the ubiquitous big-brand panels. We are now offering Runco dealers the widest range of custom flat-panel solutions that are the industry benchmark for exceptional video quality and are available in massive screen sizes with innovative proprietary technologies found only in Runco panels.“

Suggested retail pricing on some of Runco’s newest flat-panel models are as follows:


CX-40HD — $3,995

CX-47HD — $4,495

CX-OPAL47 — $5,995

CX-57HD — $12,995

CX-65HD — $14,995

CX-70DHD — $34,995

Climate Portfolio WP-OPAL42 — $8,995


XP-50 — $6,495

XP-65 — $12,995

XP-50DHD — $8,995

XP-65DHD — $17,995

XP-103DHD — $99,995

Runco notes that purchasers of Runco products are premium customers who expect to also pay for full service and support of the Runco dealer/installation team. Additional charges may apply for custom enhancements and modifications.