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Royal Debuts PND, SIM card Reader/Writers

Somerset, N.J. — Royal has introduced its lowest-priced personal navigation device (PND) to date. The unit includes street-name guidance at a competitive suggested retail of $249.

In addition, the company is showing retailers a new line of SIM card readers that copy the names and addresses of contacts stored in a GSM cellphone, in the event the user loses his phone.

The new Royal Expedition PND has a 3.5-inch screen and an MP3 player and photo viewer. It is preloaded with maps of the United States and Canada on a 2GB SD card and offers 2 million points of interest. It supports MP3, WMA, WAV music files as well as JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP photo files and will ship in July/August.

Royal is also showing retailers a line of five SIM card reader/writers including a keychain model and a $39 PDA with a built-in SIM card reader/writer.

“There is nothing worse for a mobile phone user than suddenly losing all of the irreplaceable names and phone numbers that have been stored over the years when a phone suddenly dies or is damaged,” said a spokesman.

Users insert their SIM card into the reader/writer and follow one-touch prompts to copy the data.

Models include the SCR 1 keychain unit at a suggested retail of $14.99. It includes a built-in alarm clock, stopwatch, timer and games.

A step up is the EZVue reader/writer that plugs into the computer. It has a built-in screen to review names and numbers, and it comes with PC software at a suggested $19.99.

Next in line is an SCR 2 at $14.99 in an organizer-style case with a QWERTY keyboard for direct input. It can store data from up to three SIM cards and provides organizer functions including a calculator.

The EZVue SCR at $39.99 is a full touchscreen PDA that can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. It has 3MB of memory and a slide-out keyboard. No shipping date has been set for the products.