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Richard Smith of Audience Dead At 59

Escondido, Calif. – Richard Smith, who, with his partner John McDonald, founded Audience, LLC in 1997, died on Aug. 25 after a long bout with cancer.

“Richard was more than just a friend and business partner,” said McDonald, president/CEO, Audience, LLC. “His dedication to the craft of designing reference quality audio products is manifest in every piece we sell. For Richard the most important aspect of the product development process was staying focused on doing the very best that he could. Richard never developed a product by looking to see what other people were doing.”

Added McDonald: “One of Richard’s greatest strengths was that he was not confined at all by conventional thinking. He brought a unique perspective to his work that was recognized by most people who knew him and that is reflected in every Audience product.”

Prior to co-founding Audience, Richard Smith established Sidereal Akustic in 1982 as a venue to design and build loudspeakers, which is where he first designed the SiderealKap audio grade capacitor for his loudspeakers.

Smith and McDonald formed Audience, LLC in 1997. Since then, the company has become a producer of high-performance, audiophile grade cables, power chords, Auricap capacitors, and Auric Illuminator resolution enhancement treatment for optical discs.