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50% Of TV Viewers Now Use Closed Captioning — Technology Innovator ZVOX Solves Garbled Dialogue Problem With Lowest-Price-Ever $59 Soundbar

ZVOX Offers $59.99 Soundbar Solution for TV Viewers who can’t understand the dialogue.

SWAMPSCOTT, MA – November 15, 2023 — It’s no secret that enjoying entertainment on television has changed drastically since the turn of the century. While TV screens have grown bigger and the resolution sharper, sound has deteriorated. A recent study by the New York Times found that 50% of TV viewers use subtitles or closed captioning to watch TV. While flatscreen TVs have reached new heights of visual clarity, audio clarity has suffered because there’s little room to fit good speakers into thin form factors. Even the most expensive TVs come with low-quality speakers that face away from viewers. Sloppy sound mixing on streaming services exacerbates the problem, condensing voices, ambient background noise, and sound effects into a monolithic confusion of noise.

ZVOX, the world leader in voice clarifying technology, has enabled hundreds of thousands of TV viewers to turn off closed captioning with its pioneering dialogue clarifying AccuVoice technology. With the combination of flatscreen TVs and the proliferation of streaming platforms with international programming, consumers experienced a dramatic drop in dialogue clarity. To help mitigate this universal problem, ZVOX developed a revolutionary soundbar that utilizes hearing aid technology to pull quiet or muddled voices to the front, helping viewers of all ages better understand their favorite movies, shows, and sporting events. Viewers can count on ZVOX soundbars and TV speakers to make TV dialogue crisp and coherent with the push of a button — no more relying on closed captions or blasting the volume to understand onscreen voices!

ZVOX Offers AV120 AccuVoice Soundbar with Bluetooth for $59.99 (Regularly $149.99)!
The AV120 soundbar features provide two levels of ZVOX’s proprietary AccuVoice dialogue clarifying technology and Bluetooth capability so users can enjoy their favorite streaming music. Measuring 15” w x 2” h x 2.5” d, its low profile is designed for easy placement wherever a TV exists. It has a simple remote control and connects with one wire. Its Bluetooth functionality seamlessly connects with smartphones, tablets, and laptops to stream music and podcasts. Additionally, output leveling lowers the volume during loud commercials. Available in black or bronze, customers can purchase the AV120 on and

ZVOX: A New Kind of Audio Company. A New Kind of Hearing Health Company.
Committed to enhancing and discovering hearing solutions for 20 years, ZVOX was founded in 2003 by two long-time consumer electronics veterans (Tom Hannaher – Best Buy, Apple, Cambridge SoundWorks; and George Samuels – EPI, Ohm Acoustics, Genesis, Cambridge SoundWorks). Its first TV speaker has been described as the first commercially successful sound bar. In 2014, ZVOX introduced a landmark technology that would change the company’s focus and establish it as the unrivaled leader in dialogue clarity enhancement. ZVOX’s patented AccuVoice technology uses advanced algorithms to mimic the function of a hearing aid, resulting in a dramatically new level of dialogue boosting and voice clarity. With the launch of its first AccuVoice TV Speaker, ZVOX created a new category of dialogue clarifying soundbars, speakers, and headphones. Over 650,000 AccuVoice TV speakers have been sold. Today, ZVOX offers a variety of hearing-related products, including TV speakers, conference call speakers, wireless headphones, and hearing aids. Based in Swampscott, MA.


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