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RCA Announces DTV Price Promo

As other manufacturers continue to push to get digital television set-top decoder boxes into the market, Thomson is already running a price promotion behind its RCA DTC100 to entice DTV shoppers to pick up two of its 4:3 “high-resolution” monitors.

Thomson recently started working with select RCA retailers to run the high-definition TV promotion through April 23. Shoppers are offered a price break on the DTC-100 with the purchase of either the RCA MM36100, a 36″ high-resolution monitor ($2,499), or the RCA MM52100, a 52″ rear projection model ($3,299). Both models will display the 1080I HDTV format scan rate.

Under the offer, the customer essentially gets a discount coupon on the DTC-100 for $499. This will enable a final package price of $2,499 for the MM36100 and set-top box, and $2,999 for the MM52100 and DTC-100 combo. The DTC-100 sells for $649, and the DirecTv-Plus dish, required to receive DirecTv service through the decoder, sells for an addition $199.

“Obviously, the program is designed to accelerate interest in DTV, in this case an affordable system that provides both HD-quality picture performance plus the home entertainment excitement of DirecTv programming, including HDTV from DirecTv,” a Thomson spokesman said.