PS3 Sales Advance


Foster City, Calif. -


recently released fiscal first quarter, ended June 30, sales results stated the company sold 2.4 million PlayStation3 (PS3) consoles in the period, bringing cumulative global sales of the advanced Blu-ray-based gaming platform to 38.1 million units.

The results showed continuously increasing growth in demand for the game system, as cumulative totals begin to catch up to Microsoft's Xbox 360 platform.

Comparatively, Sony sold 3.5 million PS3 units in its first fiscal year of availability. In fiscal 2007, annual sales totals rose to 9.1 million units. In fiscal 2008, annual sales rose to 10.1 million units, jumping to 13 million in fiscal 2009, following the release of a streamlined version of the player.

For this year, Sony has forecasted sales of 15 million PS3 units in 2010.

After launching in May 2005, nearly a year before the PS3, Microsoft's Xbox 360 now leads Sony's gaming system by 3.6 million units, according to several market estimates.


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