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President Trump

Perhaps all the pundits who got it wrong should have spent some time with the industry’s buying groups. We have always maintained that these family-owned, corner-store dealerships represent the true backbone of America.

For decades TWICE has attended their shows, interviewed their executives and spoken with their members.

Their main gripe: The avalanche of rules, regulations and red tape wrought by Washington over the years and brought to a head by the Obama administration through its controversial healthcare reform act. Though well-intentioned, the policies created for independent dealers a costly quagmire that diverted time, energy and resources.

Had the pundits and pollsters ventured into the heartland they may have picked up on the rising tide of resentment. As it turned out, the groups were an accurate barometer of the pulse of the nation. Whether their concerns will be addressed by the new administration remains to be seen.

But for now, let us pray that President-elect Trump will keep his victory-speech pledge of bringing this country together.