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2016 Election


President Trump

Perhaps all the pundits who got it wrong should have spent some time with the industry’s buying groups. We have always maintained that these...


Hold On Hope

It was a timely week for the The Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL’s) annual National Consumer Technology Industry division dinner. The organization has been fighting injustice...


Will Trump Wreck Tech?

Donald Trump ran on a protectionist platform that would impose tariffs, reject trade agreements and limit immigration, all anathema to tech sector growth. So...


CTA Congratulates Trump

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) congratulated Donald Trump on winning the presidential election and expressed its hope that he and the incoming Congress can...


When The Lever Breaks

It’s been said by a million writers and pundits but I’m adding myself to the official record and stating definitively: this will go down...


The ‘P’ Word

Warning: The following rant has nothing at all to do with consumer electronics or appliances. I’m mad at Donald Trump. No, he never flunked...