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Trump Commits to Using Only Trustworthy Tech

Comes in joint statement with Finnish president

President Donald Trump has committed to using only trustworthy tech in U.S. networks.

That came in a joint statement with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö Wednesday (Oct. 2). Finland, home of Nokia, has been a cellular communications leader.

They said the two countries will strengthen cooperation in “innovation, technology, and research, especially in new technologies such as 5G and 6G, artificial intelligence, robotics, and quantum computing.”

They acknowledged the security challenges in “transformational” telecom technologies and said they would make sure they were a force for good. “We will effectively address the security challenges stemming from them by using only technology providers, components, and supply chains that are reliable and trustworthy.”

Protecting the supply chain from suspect tech–Chinese telecoms in particular–has been an avowed priority for the Trump Administration and Congress, though the former has used the issue as leverage in trade talks.

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