Pioneer Launches iPhone App


Long Beach, Calif. - Pioneer Electronics today released an iPhone app that lets users send points of interest from the iPhone wirelessly to a car navigation unit.

Pioneer's first iPhone app is designed to help users avoid having to type in addresses on the car navigation unit. Instead users can find points on Google Maps and upload them via Bluetooth to a Pioneer car navigation unit, or they can send geo-tagged photos from the iPhone to the navigation unit.  In both cases, the locations will appear as contacts in the navigation unit that users may navigate to via turn-by-turn directions. 


Called AVIC Feeds, the app is free on the Apple App Store. It works with two Pioneer in-dash navigation units: the AVIC-U310BT and AVIC-Z110BT.

Pioneer says that more than 22 percent of Pioneer navigation system owners also own and use an iPhone, according to independent research.


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