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Pioneer Launches 28 Car Audio Products

LAS VEGAS – Pioneer got a head start on its 2013 car audio product lineup with the launch here at the SEMA show.

The launches mark the expansion of smartphone connectivity options in head units, in large part by expanding the Pioneer’s Advanced App Mode for USB-connected iPhones to all multimedia head units priced down to a suggested $300. Another key change is the company’s adoption of the Siri- usXM universal connector to add SiriusXM’s new SVX200 black-box tuner.

All products ship in November.

In launching five new single-DIN CD receivers priced at a suggested $150-$260, Pioneer is add- ing the SiriusXM universal connector to the $150, $190 and $260 models to connect SiriusXM’s SXV200 tuner, which offers SiriusXM’s expanded channel lineup. These three heads, as well as two new multimedia head units, are also the aftermar- ket’s first head units to enable Sirius XM’s new Tune Start and Tune Scan features, Pioneer said.

In the five new single-DIN heads, Pioneer will start Mixtrax virtual DJ technology at $150, control of the Pandora app on USB-connected iPhones at $150, and App Mode at $150. On USB-connected iPhones, App Mode lets consumers listen to their music and streaming audio apps through their sound system.

Mixtrax is also available on recently introduced single-DIN CD players starting at $100, and the oth- er two features are available on recently introduced single-DIN players starting at $90.

Also among the new single-DIN CD receivers, USB connectivity to control music on thumb drives and some hard drives starts at $150, and at $190, Pioneer adds Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3, which enables head units to select and play music stored on Bluetooth-connected smartphones. AVRCP is already available on single-DIN CD players priced down to $130.

Also starting at $190, for the first time in its DEH series of single-DIN CD players, Pioneer adds Blue- tooth control of the Pandora app on Android smart- phones via Bluetooth’s serial port profile (SPP).

HD Radio appears in the $170, $210 and $260 models and is also available in a recently introduced $120 single-DIN CD receiver.

The single-DIN lineup starts with the $150 DEH- X7500S, which features Mixtrax, port for the Siri- usXM universal tuner, Made for iPod/iPhone USB port, AppMode for iPhones, control of the Pandora app on USB-connected iPhones, and control of mu- sic stored on a USB-connected thumb drives and select hard drives.

The $170 DEH-X7500HD lacks SiriusXM univer- sal port but adds embedded HD Radio.

At $190, the DEH-X8500BS lacks HD Radio but features Sirius XM port and adds stereo Bluetooth with AVRCP 1.3 as well as Bluetooth SPP control of the Pandora app on Android phones.

At $210, the DEH-X8500BH swaps the $190 model’s SiriusXM connector port to add HD radio, and it includes the $190 model’s Bluetooth features.

At $260, the DEH-X9500BHS adds HD Radio to the features of the $210 model.

All five single-CD models also feature a new sim- plified menu structure for more intuitive operation and feature setup, dual-zone illumination feature with more than 210,000 color display customization, and three sets of high-voltage (4-volt) RCA pre-outs.

In its new lineup of five double-DIN multimedia DVD receivers priced from a suggested $300 to $500, the company is expanding Advanced Ap- pMode to all multimedia units, thus enabling head- unit control of select compatible third-party iPhone apps, including navigation, and head-unit access to such core iPhone features as contacts, calendar and stored music.

In current multimedia head units, Advanced App Mode appears in $350, $499 and $650 models. The feature also appears in two multimedia-naviga- tion units at $800 and $1,200 and two current Ap- pRadio units, which lack CD or DVD mechanism.

Among multimedia head units, the $350 price point is the new opening price point for stereo Blue- tooth with AVRCP, which enables head units to se- lect and play music stored on Bluetooth-connected smartphones, and for Bluetooth SPP, which enables control of the Pandora app on a Bluetooth-connect- ed Android phone.

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