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PDA’s Future Bright, CEA Says

ARLINGTON, VA. — The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has released a study indicating most PDAs users are very satisfied with the products and use them frequently.

CEA’s “PDA Owner Profile” study was conducted via the Internet on a sample of 649 adult PDA owners during December 2000. It found that most owners tend to be wealthy, well-educated adults under 55. Men are the majority of PDA owners by a slight margin.

Ninety percent of respondents said they use their PDA at least once a week, while 60 percent stated that they use it “every day.” In addition, 81 percent said they carry their PDA with them “all or most of the time.”

Only 53 percent of respondents purchased the product for themselves, 27 percent received the product as a gift, and another 20 percent received their PDA from their employer.

Seventy percent said the main reason for use was that it helped to “keep things organized.” Thirty seven percent said it “is vital to their functioning efficiently.”