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Panasonic Reveals 2012 Camcorder Line

Secaucus, N.J. – Panasonic has announced the pricing for its
2012 HD camcorders, which become available next month.

The flagship model is the HC-X900M with a suggested retail
price of $1,199. This camcorder features the 3MOS System Pro for low-light
performance, a manual ring, 5.1-channel sound and Hybrid Optical Image
Stabilization. It can record in 3D with the addition of the optional $399 VW-CL
T2 3D conversion lens.

The company is rolling out six 1MOS full-HD camcorders, the
HC-V700, HC-V700M, HC-V500, HC-V500M, HC-V100 and the HC-V100M.

The M models come with 16GB of internal memory in addition
to having an SD card slot. The non-M models just have the SD card slot.

All six feature an ultra-telephoto zoom, wide angle lenses
and optical image stabilization.

The HC-V700M, HC-V700, $599.99 and $549.99 respectively,
have a high sensitivity sensor to improve image quality in low-light conditions
and users can shoot in 3D with Panasonic’s VW-CLT2 3D conversion lens.

The HC-V500M, HC-V500, $499.99 and $449 respectively,
feature the advanced highlight playback function that allows users to quickly
review what they recorded. Also included is the intelligent index system to
detect faces, scene changes, panning and zooming. These highlighted scenes can
then be automatically played back.

These models also have the 2D to 3D conversion function.

The HC-V100 and HC-V100M, $399.99 and $349.99, respectively,
are lightweight camcorders that are about the size of a soda can, the company

Panasonic’s two entry-level models are the HC-V10, $249.99,
and the HX-WA2 at $279.99.

The HC-V10 has a 63x optical zoom, the ability to take MP4
HD video. The video can be recorded in Panasonic’s iFram format for faster

The HX-WA2 comes with blue or orange color scheme, is
waterproof to a depth of three meters and has a durable product design for use
by an active outdoor user. It can also shoot 14-megapixel images.