Panasonic Names Directors


Osaka, Japan -


formally revealed Tuesday proposed changes to its board of directors, and listed its current slate of corporate auditors and executive officers, effective April 1.

Kunio Nakamura was named chairman of the board and Masayuki Matsushita has been proposed as board vice chairman, effective the same day.

Fumio Ohtsubo was named president of the board.

Meanwhile, the company's visual, communication and IT systems are being integrated within the BtoB systems unit and change its name from  the System Networks Company of Panasonic to Panasonic's Systems & Communications Company.

The newly established unit will incorporate Panasonic Mobile Communications, Panasonic System Networks and Panasonic System Solutions Japan.

Panansonic's proposed board and executive slate follows:

Chairman of the Board

: Kunio Nakamura               

Vice Chairman of the Board

: Masayuki Matsushita;


Fumio Ohtsubo;

Executive Vice Presidents:

  • Toshihiro Sakamoto, domestic consumer marketing, general director, consumer products marketing domestic customer satisfaction and design;
  • Takahiro Mori, planning; corporate division for promoting systems & equipment business; electrical supplies sales, project sales, building products sales;
  • Yasuo Katsura, representative in Tokyo,

Senior Managing Directors:

  •   Hitoshi Otsuki;
  • Ken Morita, manufacturing innovation, facility management; quality administration, FF customer support & management, environmental affairs, motor business administration office;
  • Ikusaburo Kashima, legal affairs, intellectual property, corporate risk management, corporate information security, corporate business ethics, legal consultation & solutions center, corporate international affairs;
  • Junji Nomura, energy solutions business promotion;
  • Yoshihiko Yamada, industrial sales director, corporate industrial marketing & sales division;

Managing Directors:

  • Kazunori Takami, president, home appliances company;
  • Makoto Uenoyama, accounting, finance, general manager, corporate finance & IR group in charge of the global finance administration center;
  • Masatoshi Harada, representative in Kansai;
  • Takashi Toyama, president, systems & communications company, president, Panasonic System Networks;


  • Ikuo Uno
  • Masayuki Oku
  • Masashi Makino;

Honorary Chairman of the Board and Executive Advisor Member of the Board:

  • Masaharu Matsushita;

Ikuo Uno and Masayuki Oku are outside directors of the company.

Members of the Board of Corporate Auditors


Senior Corporate Auditors


  • Kenichi Hamada, chairman, Panasonic Group Auditors meeting;

Corporate Auditors:

  • Masahiro Seyama,
  • Yasuo Yoshino,
  • Ikuo Hata,
  • Hiroyuki Takahashi                  
  •   Yasuo Yoshino, Ikuo Hata and Hiroyuki Takahashi are outside corporate auditors.

Executive Officers


Senior Managing Executive Officers:

  • Shusaku Nagae, Lighting; Panasonic Ecology Systems, president, Panasonic Electric Works.
  • Seiichiro Sano, president, Sanyo Electric,
  • Kazuhiro Tsuga, president AVC Networks;
  • Yoshiiku Miyata, overseas operations;

Managing Executive Officers:

  • Takumi Kajisha, corporate communications, advertising, corporate citizenship, CSR office;
  • Yutaka Takehana, corporate division for government & public affairs director;
  • Toshiaki Kobayashi, Panasonic Electronic Devices president;
  • Masaaki Fujita, global procurement director coporate procurement division,  global logistics, corporate global logistics division director, trading company;
  • Yoshihisa Fukushima, intellectual property, corporate intellectual property division director; president, intellectual property rights operations company;
  • Hideaki Kawai, corporate planning group general manager;
  • Yoshiyuki Miyabe, technology, digital network & software technology, Tokyo R&D Center, Overseas R&D Centers; NewBusiness Strategy Office; Panasonic spin-up fund; acTVila Business Promotion;
  •   Laurent Abadie, corporate management division for Europe director; chairman & COO, Panasonic Europe, managing director, Panasonic marketing Europe GmbH;
  • Yorihisa Shiokawa, corporate management division for Asia and Oceania director, managing director Panasonic Asia Pacific;
  • Yoshiaki Nakagawa, personnel, general affairs, social relations, e-Work promotion office;

Executive Officers:

  • Joseph Taylor, corporate management division for North America director; Panasonic Corporation of North America chairman and CEO;
  • Jun Ishii, new business promotion; Panasonic consumer marketing president, corporate CS division;
  • Toshiro Kisaka, corporate management division for China and Northeast Asia director; Panasonic Corporation of China chairman;
  • Masato Tomita, corporate management division for CIS, the Middle East & Africa director;
  • Takeshi Uenoyama, device technology general manager, device strategy office, Advanced Technology Research Laboratories, The Nakao Laboratory acting director;
  • Shiro Nishiguchi, digital AVC products marketing division director, consumer products marketing;
  • Yoshio Ito, display devices business group AVC Networks Co, senior VP and director;
  • Hidetoshi Osawa, corporate communications division director;
  • Mamoru Yoshida, display network products business group, AVC networks., senior VP and director;
  • Tsuyoshi Nomura, corporate manufacturing innovation division director, advanced production systems development company;
  • Nobuharu Akamine, systems and communications company senior VP, Panasonic System Networks Co. executive senior VP;
  • Kuniaki Okahara, corporate engineering quality administration division director; customer support & management division corporate FF;
  • Yukio Nakashima, home appliances and wellness productions marketing division, consumer products marketing director;
  • Kuniaki Matsukage lighting company president, senior managing director; lighting manufacturing business unit director, Panasonic Electric Works senior managing director;
  • Masato Ito, energy company president senior VP, Mobile Energy Company, Sanyo Electric;
  • Yasutomo Fukui, information systems;
  • Katsuhiko Fujiwara, air conditioning and energy business, home appliances company senior VP;
  • Masahisa Shibata, automotive systems company president;
  • Toshiyuki Takagi, network systems business group senior VP and director AVC networks;
  • Shiro Kitajima, Panasonic Corporation of North America COO; Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company president;
  • Machiko Miyai, corporate environmental affairs division director.  

Effective March 31, Ikuo Miyamoto will retire from the office of managing executive officer, and Naoto Noguchi and Osamu Waki will retire from the office of executive officer.


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