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OmniMount Mounts Go Green

OmniMount has developed a line of environmentally friendly mounting products.

The company’s new OmniLite series products and its packaging are made from recycled materials and minimize component parts “without sacrificing quality or safety,” the company said.

The line will initially consist of three flat-panel mounts (models OL50FT, OL125FT and OL200FT). The company’s in-house design team reduced the amount of raw material used by 32 percent while increasing each mount’s weight capacity by 56 percent. The mounts offer fixed and tilt functionality.

The OmniLite series will have 100 percent recyclable internal packaging with no plastic bags, post-consumer recyclable outer-box material and non-petroleum-based ink for all package printing. Manuals and installation templates for each product will be printed on the inside of the box, eliminating the need for unnecessary paper.

“As a corporation and as individuals, it is our responsibility to introduce products that meet today’s green standards,” stated Alex Robertson, sales senior VP. “Although OmniMount has always been eco-conscious, our upcoming OmniLite series shows our commitment to a new way of approaching sustainable product design.”

The OmniLite line will ship in the first quarter of 2009.