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Omega Expands T-Harness Remote-Start Kits

Douglasville, Ga. — Omega Research and Development Technologies announced its latest OmegLink OL-RS plug-and-play remote-start kits for select BMW, Mini and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The kits are designed to integrate to the vehicle’s factory data bus system, preventing consumers from needing to pay for additional key fobs.

OLRSBM1 covers BMW and Mini, while Mercedes is covered across OLRSBZ1, OLRSBZ2 and OLRSBZ3. They are part of the OmegaLink Databus suite of OEM integration solutions that T-Harness into the vehicle; no other hardware is required other than an optional RF-KIT for added range, or two-way upgrade, said Omega.

The company will start shipping the systems in March.

 “How many times have you turned away a customer who was willing to pay good money to have a remote start installed in their car only because it was a BMW, Mini or Mercedes vehicle? No more,” said Mike Thompson, product development manager, Omega Research and Development.  “The new line of OL-RS kits will not only allow you to add remote start to these cars, it will do it using plug-in T-harnesses that require no cutting of factory wires.”