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Niles Expands Narrow-Bezel Speaker Selection


Niles is coming to the CEDIA Expo
with a new entry-level in-ceiling speaker line that has
been upgraded to include narrow bezels, magnetmount
grilles and low profiles.

The design already appears in the company’s stepup
in-ceiling Directed Soundfield speakers, which feature
independently pivoting woofers and tweeters.

Thirteen two-way speakers in the CM line feature pivoting
tweeters and suggested retails ranging from $99
to $299 each. Each CM speaker can be used with a
round, paintable rust-resistant grille, but square grilles
are available as an option for $45/pair. Each model
fits the same 7- and 8-inch cutouts used for Directed
SoundField speakers, letting installers specify a hole
size but still have the option later to install speakers at
a wide range of price points from $200/pair to $2,000,
said Niles president Mike Detmer.

The series is split into groups based on application.
Two MP (multipurpose) speakers are designed for general
purposes and can be used for background sound
or price sensitive multiroom audio and home theater installations,
Detmer explained. Three PR Performance
speakers feature “a blend between value and performance
that delivers great sound in a variety of applications
but doesn’t break the bank,” he continued.

Two HD (high-definition) models deliver “superior
sound quality for primary listening locations as well as
high-performance home theaters,” he said. One BG
(background) music speaker is designed for secondary
listening zones in need of a cost-effective solution,
and one SD (shallow depth) speaker is designed for
installation in walls with limited depths as in MDUs.
An FX (surround effects) speaker is designed for surround-
channel use, and two SI (stereo input) models
deliver stereo from a single speaker in small bathrooms
or hallways that can’t accommodate two speakers

The lineup looks like this:

• The two MP speakers are the 7-inch CM7MP and
8-inch CM8MP at suggested retails of $149 and $174

• The three PR Performance speakers are the 3.5-
inch CM4PR, 7-inch CM7PR and 8-inch CM8PR at a
suggested $249, $199 and $224 each, respectively.

• The two HD High Definition speakers are the
7-inch CM7HD and 8-inch CM8HD at $249 and $274
each, respectively.

• One BG Background Music speaker is the 7-inch
CM7BG at $99.
• One SD Shallow Depth speaker is the 7-inch
CM7SD at $249.

• One FX Surround Effects speaker is the CM7FX
for surround applications at $349/pair.

• Two SI Stereo Input models are the 7-inch CM7SI
and 8-inch CM8SI at $149 and $299 each, respectively.

• The CM4PR is a 3.5-inch two-way micro speaker
for what Detmer called “virtually unlimited applications
where space and design are a factor.” Pricing
wasn’t available. The speaker features a throw-woofer
to deliver better bottom end than the competition and
a rear-wave enclosure to capture sound leakage into
adjacent rooms and provide predictable performance,
he said.

All come with spring-loaded mounting clamps and
feature premium components used in the Directed
Soundfield series. The components include copper
caps, high-level crossovers and Kapton voice coil

In other developments at the show, Niles will celebrate
the sale of its 15,000th IntelliControl ICS System,
the whole-house audio and HD-video distribution
system launched in 2006.

It distributes iPod-stored audio, SiriusXM Satellite
Radio, Pandora Internet Radio, Rhapsody, HD Radio
and music from a DMS4 Digital Music Server, as
well as TV, CD and DVD sources, all of which can be
controlled from in-wall touchscreens and touchpads,
handheld remotes and portable touchscreens.