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New Flash Products Push the Speed Limit

New York – Toshiba and Verbatim introduced new flash memory products this week, targeting speed craving photographers and security minded corporate IT managers, respectively.

Toshiba also introduced its first U3-enabled USB flash drives. The lineup will be branded TransMemory and be offered in capacities from 512MB to 4GB. They will ship in November. Pricing was not announced.

U3 flash drives come preloaded with an operating system for launching or saving computer programs to the drive without leaving trace files on the host PC.

Toshiba also added two new series of high speed SD cards to its flash memory lineup, both shipping in November. The high speed series will feature data speeds of 5MB per second while an ultra high speed series will offer transfer rates of 20MB/s.

The both families of flash memory cards will be available in capacities from 512MB to 2GB capacities.

Verbatim announced a new line of USB flash drives designed with high security for corporate environments. The new Store ‘n’ Go drives will feature mandatory data encryption and anti-tamper password entry protection. To protect data stored on the drive from hack attempts, the drive goes into lock down mode and erases all data after ten consecutive failed login attempts.

The drives offer a maximum write speed of up to 14MB/s and a maximum read speed of 23MB/s. They are compatible with msystems’ mTrust enterprise security software.

The drives are shipping in now in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities for an estimated $79, $129 and $269, respectively.