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After Decades, Speed Queen Adds New Color Option

Matte Black now an option on select models

(image credit: Speed Queen)

After decades of only offering a single color option (white), Speed Queen announced the introduction of Matte Black to select models.

“We previewed these models at a recent show and the response was nothing short of exceptional,” said Cody Masluk, vice president of Speed Queen Consumer distribution. “We’ve consistently been asked to offer colors in addition to our white models. So, we’ve answered the call from customers,” he added.

Matte Black is being offered as an option only on select models, including the brand’s wildly successful TR7/DR7 top load washer and dryer, with Pet Plus™ cycles. The new color also will be available on the FF7/DF7 pair. Speed Queen’s SF7 stack washer/dryer will get the Matte Black option starting in December.

Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment is engineered and tested to do 25 years’ worth of laundry in the average household. To learn more about Speed Queen’s range of products, visit

About Speed Queen
Speed Queen’s proven laundry performance outshines the competition. Speed Queen was established 1908 in Ripon, Wisconsin, USA. Still in Ripon, that original company grew into Alliance Laundry Systems. Alliance is the world leader in commercial laundry in terms of sales, range, reach and R&D investment. Speed Queen today offers powerful commercial laundry solutions that are available for the home, too.

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