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New Age Offers Product Recycling Services

CARSON, CALIF. — New Age Electronics (NAE) has developed a service offering around end-of-life/ remanufacturing that quickly moves product to get it back on the market with an efficient and non-disruptive approach that helps fully maximize product value.

The distributor explained that the influx of new devices on the market —especially tablets, notebooks and smartphones — combined with consumers’ tendency to test and return new products, has created a growing demand to quickly move products that have been returned or have reached end-of-life.

New Age told TWICE, “A solid strategy that incorporates speed, efficiency and industry knowledge of this process is a win-win for the distributor, vendor or retailer and ultimately, the environment.”

For returns, most of what comes back is buyer’s remorse, New Age said. The distributor takes returned product, performs tests to determine if there is no trouble found, performs a data wipe and then repackages the product, “saving an enormous amount of time and trouble for the vendor.”

For end-of-life products, the value NAE provides is reselling them in a non-disruptive manner that doesn’t hurt the vendor’s bottom line.

NAE said, “Strong sales channel and retail expertise is where the real value lies for vendors looking to improve efficiencies around remanufacturing [or] end-of-life” products.

“As service offerings are still being developed across the industry, vendors and retailers have been looking for a leader to manage their end-of-life/remanufacturing products. New Age Electronics is serving as a frontrunner in this space,” the company noted.

“The value of New Age Electronics’ remanufacturing and end-of-life services is two-fold for the Asus tablet and notebook line — their dedicated team has the capability to take returned products, refurbish and resell them and also take products that have reached end-of-life and resell them via non-disruptive sales channels,” said Shawn Yen, product management director at Asus, whose line is carried by NAE.

He added, “In addition to their fast and efficient model and high-quality standards, the advantage of working with NAE lies in their expertise on the retail channel and their ability to know what’s disruptive and what’s not and exactly when and where to move products to maximize value.”