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Nationwide Releases Dealer Video As TV Campaign

Winston-Salem, N.C. – An in-house video used as a rallying cry for members at its recent PrimeTime! meeting has been released by the Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) for use as a TV commercial.

The ad, like the original video presentation, highlights the advantages of independent dealers over the big-box shopping experience.

The video, “The Independent Resurgence,” was re-edited by popular demand into 30- and 60-second spots that can be customized to reflect each member’s store name, local marketplace and vendor partners.

“Sometimes a message is so on-target that it takes on a life of its own,” said Nationwide CEO Robert Weisner. “We didn’t plan for this to become a consumer-facing message but our members and vendors pretty much demanded it.”

Indeed, following the PrimeTime! presentation in March, dealers began contacting Nationwide’s digital production team with requests for a version to imbed on their websites, include on their NMG-supplied digital signage kiosks, and to broadcast as TV spots, the group said.

“Nationwide has been supporting the independent for more than 40 years,” added COO Les Kirk. “Our mission has always been to generate increased consumer awareness and appreciation for our members’ local brands and the brands they sell. This campaign accomplishes that goal nicely.”

The video can be viewed here.