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Multizone Audio Gets AudioControl Focus

Seattle – AudioControl has updated its Architect lineup of multizone amplifiers with more power, greater energy efficiency, and Ethernet control option for remote monitoring and network control.

 The series also gets a 16-channel amplifier that does not offer optional EQ controls, said CEO Alex Camara.

Last month, the company launched a multizone 16×100-watt matrix-switching amplifier and a compact amplifier/DAC, which can be used in Sonos wireless multi-room audio systems.

“This is part of a complete update to the Architect lineup,” said Camara. The new Architect amplifiers come in four primary models:

–Architect 1680 EQ 16×65-watt (into 8-ohm load) amplifier with speaker equalization at $3,400;

–Architect 1660 16×65-watt amplifier without speaker equalization at $2,950;

–Architect 1280 EQ 12×65-watt amplifier with speaker equalization at $2,650; and

–Architect 1260 12×65-watt amplifier without speaker equalization at $2,100.

 Output ratings are with all channels driven. All amps also deliver higher output into lower impedances and come with five-year warranty.

All also feature bussable inputs, LightDrive anti-clipping circuitry, mono switching, and 1-watt standby mode.