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Marantz Upgrades 2-Channel Components

Mahwah, N.J. – Marantz plans early-January shipments of a replacement integrated amplifier and a replacement SACD player/DAC, which adds support for high-resolution DSD playback via USB.

 Both two-channel models also sport improved components and circuitry to further improve audio quality, the company said.

 The $1,199-suggested SA8005 SACD player with DAC, like its predecessor, features optical and coaxial inputs to connect digital sources, a front-panel Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad USB-A input, and an asynchronous USB-B input for direct connection to a PC. The asynchronous USB-B input, however, now supports decoding and playback of the high-resolution 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz DSD formats.

 The player also sports a newly developed ground/signal isolator technology that’s said to virtually eliminate PC noise.

 The SA8005 also features a fully discrete headphone amplifier and a system remote, which controls the SA8005 and the matching PM8005 amplifier.

 The $1,199-suggested PM8005 integrated amp, delivering 2×70 watts into 8 ohms, has been upgraded with a large enough energy reserve so that its current-feedback amplifier can “drive even the most demanding of speakers with ease,” the company said. The integrated amp also features symmetrical circuits to ensure image balancing and optimized bandwidth power.

The PM8005 also features Marantz’s proprietary hyper-dynamic amplifier modules (HDAMs) to deliver detailed audio. A triple-layer bottom plate helps eliminate vibration. The PM8005 also offers a moving-magnet phono input and source-direct mode, said to deliver the “purest audio signal” for reproduction.

 The component’s supplied remote also controls the SA8005 SACD player/DAC.