Marantz Sets Timetable For DTS:X Updates

Four audio components to get DTS:X firmware downloads in February and March
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The 13.2-channel $3,999-suggested AV8802A preamp/surround processor is one of four Marantz audio components getting the DTS:X firmware upgrade.

Marantz will offer DTS:X firmware upgrades for two audio/video receivers and two home theater preamp/processors in February and March.

The updates will add DTS:X object-based surround decoding to the products, which already incorporate Dolby Atmos object-based surround.

Earlier this week, sister brand Denon announced that DTS:X firmware upgrades will be available in January and February for a handful of Denon AVRs.

Both D+M brands are the first to announce a timetable for releasing DTS:X firmware upgrades, which other brands have promised and have been long-awaited by the industry and consumers.

The four Marantz products getting the upgrade are the 7.2-channel $1,399-suggested SR6010 A/V receiver, the 9.2-channel $2,199 SR7010 A/V receiver, the 11.2-channel $2,199 AV7702mkII preamp processor, and the 13.2-channel $3,999 AV8802A preamp processor.

The AV8802A will get the firmware update starting Feb. 4. The others will get firmware updates starting March 3. When connected to the Internet, the components will get an update notification when the firmware is available, Marantz said. If the “automatic update” feature on the components has been turned off, consumers can check manually for availability.

Final dates are subject to change until final release, the company noted.

All other DTS:X-ready Denon and Marantz components will get the DTS:X update in 2016, but timing hasn’t been announced, a spokesperson said. In the Marantz line, the other two DTS:X-ready components are the 7.2-channel $899 SR 5010 A/V receiver and the 7.2-channel $699 NR1606 slim-line A/V receiver.


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